Welcome to rodflohr.com

It has been some years since I did any webmastering, so here is a site I decided to cobble together to support some projects I have been wanting to get to.  On this site you will find some postings about my life at home, and maybe some random musings, intended mostly for family and friends.  These are things I would like to keep around longer than the social media ephemera that, while basically immortal, get buried under mountains of newness by the minute.

Here you will also find some postings of tips and techniques for using Zend products on the IBM i.  These are the results of notes I have been keeping and continue to keep as I go about my career occupation as a Zend Technical Support Engineer.  Most of my notes are plain text, as I most often respond to my customers using plain text.  Hopefully I can take some of these notes and produce articles here that are a little easier to follow, with nice formatting and example images.  Eventually much of what is posted here will likely end up being republished elsewhere, but doing them here first will hopefully give me some flexibility and control of authorship, as well as an alternative repository for new information that will improve on my old system of keeping .txt files in Windows folders.  At any rate, I want to populate my site with something, and this is material I have and know something about, so may as well use it here.

So please take a look around, click some links, and see what you find.  I hope you will find something either entertaining or useful, or perhaps both.

Rod Flohr, December 2, 2013

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