Zend DBi may not respond to changes in the my.cnf configuration file

If changes made to the my.cnf configuration file for MySQL do not seem to be changing the behavior of your Zend DBi installation of MySQL, there are two issues to look at. 1. my.cnf is “World-writable” MySQL will not process the my.cnf configuration file on start up if the file … Continue reading

Install the IBMDB2i storage engine for Zend DBI MySQL

One really interesting feature of MySQL is that it can use different storage engines. One of the engines available for MySQL is IBMDB2i. This engine uses DB2 on the IBM i to store data. This provides the possibility of downloading and installing a free LAMP application, and being able to access … Continue reading

Start the Zend DBi MySQL Daemon job and verify it is running

The MySQL server is a daemon, meaning it is a constantly running process that communicates via TCP/IP.  In order to use Zend DBi MySQL, the Zend DBi MySQL server daemon must be running. Prerequisite:  Zend DBi must be installed.  The following article can help with that: Install MySQL using the … Continue reading

QGPL in system library list prevents Zend DBi MySQL daemon from starting

This article presents one of the troubleshooting steps for Zend DBi MySQL daemon start ups, found in this article: Troubleshoot Zend DBi MySQL daemon start up failures (mysql.sock) To check this issue, please log on to a 5250 session and enter this command: dspsysval qsyslibl The output will be similar … Continue reading